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Korean-Japanese Cuisine

intergenerational cooking for you and me


Our Family

It all started when

My father moved to the United States with the rest of my family after spending decades behind the chef’s table at his own sushi restaurant in South Korea. Here in Austin, we set up our family’s first Korean and Japanese fusion restaurant, O’daku. Now, it is known for its delicious cooking and speciality sushi, all started by my parents, my siblings, and me. After years of being the head sushi chef, my father passed his legacy and 60 years of training on to my husband and me. We continue his story.

Blending different cuisines and palettes to build a harmonious menu, O’daku boasts signature dishes that are one of a kind. Whether you are looking for Korean cooking that reminds you of home or Japanese tastes, we hope to see you soon in our restaurant!

- Sunhee Bae

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